About us

Our names are Julien and Estefania, we are a couple made up of a Frenchman and a Mexican woman, we welcome you to our e-commerce store dedicated to the vibrant and colorful culture of Mexico! 

This journey began out of immense love for Mexican culture. Living here is a splash of color, life, kindness, and warm hearts for us, and that's what we want to transmit.

Our story

Michelada is all about Mexico. We started in 2018 with a small list of recipes about that famous cocktail that you can drink everywhere in Mexico: the Michelada. It is a mix of beer, lime, salt, and sauces.

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Our store

A few months ago, we decided to launch an e-commerce store and we designed the first collection of products, from clothing to home decor, that showcased the vibrancy and beauty of Mexican culture.

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Our mission

At our e-commerce clothing and decoration store, our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality, original products at an affordable price.

We believe that everyone should be able to express their unique style, which is why we offer a vast selection of designs that are both stylish and timeless.

Our print-on-demand model ensures that each item is created with care and attention to detail, resulting in a truly exceptional product.

We are committed to providing our customers with a shopping experience that is enjoyable and hassle-free, and we strive to exceed their expectations with every order.

Whether you're looking for a new outfit or a statement piece for your home, we've got you covered with our range of affordable, original products that are made to last.

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